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Call our HVAC Service Technicians to perform routine maintenance, repair, and
installations. We have Professional staff ready to get your HVAC systems in perfect
working order.
Emmanuel Cooling and Heating  is a company committed to
providing customers with a fast response, professional work, and guaranteed
satisfaction.  Keep your heating systems running efficiently with regular seasonal
maintenance.  We services all HVAC Systems.  Have your system tuned up today.
Seasonal Maintenance-  Heating And Air
S. Cook County  - Duct Cleaning
Seasonal Air Duct Cleaning
Breathe easy! Clean your air ducts seasonally.  We
serve your business or home in South Cook County.
Its important to regularly clean your air ducts to
insure your HVAC Systems runs efficiently
Serving-  S. Cook County
Air Duct Cleaning
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Air Purification Services
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Emmanuel Cooling and Heating is the best company in the South Cook County area
for cleaning ventilation systems. We guarantee an air duct cleaning job that is
completed properly and within budget.  A fully functioning HVAC system requires a
clean air duct system.  Improve indoor air quality while making your equipment run
more efficiently- lowering energy costs.  Reduce the risk of costly heating and air
conditioner repairs. Call us for Residential & Commercial air duct cleaning services.

We offer cleaning packages that include cleaning of air duct work: mainlines, vents,
furnaces, A/C units, blowers, a-coils and more! Our fully certified air duct Cleaning
technicians are highly experienced and able to solve your ventilation maintenance
issues. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures that you are happy with the services
we provide,
Schedule an air duct cleaning today.   Improve the quality of air you
breathing inside your home.  Clean your air ducts seasonally.  
Poor indoor air quality is an issue in most homes across America
Animal Dander
Dust Mites
Whats In The Air You Breathe?
Dust mites can be found in indoor air.
To prevent allergens being released into
your home. Clean the air ducts in your
HVAC systems. Make your home's air
cleaner by cleaning filters for your
furnace. Call one of our technicians
today for a free estimate,
•Change heating and cooling system
filters periodically.
•Vacuum air return covers or screens
•Check air conditioners for signs of mold
before each cooling season and have
coils cleaned.
Pet dander can accumulates inside
of your heating, ventilation, and air
conditioning system forcing the
allergens to be released throughout
your household.  Pet dander, dust,
dirt, hair, and other debris tend to
buildup on furnace motors and fans.
Dust and other contaminants, build
up in the heating and air
conditioning ducts in every home.  
Pollen can settle on the inside of
ductwork and forming a layer of
allergens inside air ducts.  Have your
ducts professionally cleaned today.
We match any competitors written estimates
Commercial / Residential Air Duct Cleaning- South Cook County
Chicagoland's Expert Air Duct Cleaning Company
Air Duct Cleaning / Repair / Air Purification Filtration Services
S. Cook County, IL Illinois  
As homes become more energy-efficient more
harmful contaminants such as bacteria, pollen,
mold, dust and dander become trapped. The effects
of these contaminants can range anywhere from
increased occurrence of colds, to more severe
allergy symptoms.  You will breathe easier and
experience fewer respiratory problems with an air
purification system.  We offer installations & repair of
variety of air cleaning systems.  
Breathe cleaner air at your homes and businesses,  
Reduce coughing, sneezing & allergy attacks. Install
an Ultraviolet Air Purification System to eliminate
airborne contaminants. Our experts can install UV air
purifying equipment to keep indoor air pollutants from
circulating throughout your entire house.
Humidifier Installed- Humidifiers are typically
installed as whole-house devices that distribute
moisture during the winter months when the heating
system dries out the air inside your home.
Humidifiers help reduce dry skin issues and protect
furnishings as well.
Air Vent Cleaning & Repair for your home is often overlooked, Give us call today for
a thorough inspection,  Our technicians can help to evaluate the condition of your
air duct system.  Repairing and sealing your ventilation system will save you money
in the long run.  We have expert technicians that will clean and improve the
efficiency of your HVAC system.  We provide commercial and residential air
ventilation repair services for the
South Cook County.

Even small cracks in your air ducts can significantly impact the efficiency and
effectiveness of your home heating and cooling system. Leaks lead to increased
energy costs and lower indoor air quality.  Have your ducts properly sealed and
Air Duct Repair / Replacement / Installation
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling offers humidifier and
dehumidifier installation and maintenance services
for the Chicagoland area. Our moisture control
technicians will ensure that you stay comfortable
throughout the year. Whole home humidifiers and
dehumidifiers can improve indoor air quality.  We
can help you decide which solution is best for your
Air Purification / Moisture Control Installations
Humidifier Repair- Have your humidifier
inspected at least once a year,  Schedule annual
maintenance heating and moisture control system
for possible wear and tear on moving parts.
Dehumidifier Installations
Extend the life of your heating system while increasing indoor air comfort
with proper duct work and ventilation.  If your ductwork is improperly sized or
leaking, it can create temperature differences in parts of your home. Placing
unnecessary strain on your HVAC system causing energy being wasted.
We offer air duct design and installation services to residential and
commercial customers for the
South Cook County  area, When you are
building new home & commercial properties choose an experienced air
duct system installer. Call Emmanuel Cooling & Heating
Call For a Free Estimate
If you need a dehumidifier installed in your home or
you need assistance keeping your current moisture
control equipment running properly, Our
technicians are available to inspect, repair or
replace your indoor air quality systems.  Some issues
can grow worse if left unchecked.
UV (Ultraviolet ) produces-harmless hydroxyl ions
that destroy the cell structure of many bacteria,
mold spores, and viruses.
Odor Elimination - Ultraviolet light air purification
systems work to eliminate odors. Many odors come
from organic molecules in the air. The hydroxyl ions
from the UV lights eliminate the odor from the air.
Replacing duct work for remodeling projects. We offer professional air duct
design and installation services for residential and commercial customers
throughout the Chicago area,  
Our expert furnace maintenance technicians can install moisture control equipment
&  air purification systems.  Systems that can attach directly to your HVAC ducts.   Air
filtration systems that destroy dangerous indoor air pollutants, odors, and bacteria in
your home.
Air Filtration Systems: UV (Ultraviolet) Lights, Electronic Air Cleaners,
Electrostatic Filters Installed.
Moisture Control Systems: Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers
Air Duct Installation / Replacement Services
Dehumidifier Repair Services
Humidifier stops working properly have your device
inspected as soon as possible to rule out problems
that might result in permanent damage to the
UV (Ultraviolet) Light Air Cleaners
Allergen & Bacteria Elimination -  Bad air quality
can even lead to colds and sinus infections. UV
light duct installations can kill live bacteria, viruses,
and mold particles floating in the air within your air
ducts. Even allergy-rated filters can’t stop the
smaller bacteria, mold spores, and viruses.
Air Duct Filtration System Installers
Air Purification Systems-  Electronic air cleaners
and other duct filtration equipment remove many
harmful particles from the air, kills viruses, spores, &
dust.  Electronic air cleaners are also available with
washable filters,
Ultra Violet Lights- which kill mold, germs, bacteria
and airborne allergens.
Filter Replacement-  Homeowners concerned about
dust and allergens should have HEPA filters and
high MERV rated filters installed.  These filters are
excellent at keeping small and large items from
passing through the system.
Electrostatic Filters-  This type of filter works
efficiently to trap dust and allergens, allowing your
HVAC to work more efficiently.  You will save time &
money when you use an Electrostatic filter. All you
have to do is vacuum or wash it every few months.
Seasonal Maintenance- Have your dehumidifier
checked seasonally.  Our services include:
Inspecting device to make sure it functioning
properly, Check for any leaks, Change or clean
filters and flush the system to clear out sediment.  
Make sure that the components are free of mold
Serving-  S. Cook County
Air Duct Cleaning Services- Chicagoland