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Serving Lake County, IL
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Residential Home Cleaning Services
Serving Lake County, IL  
Residential Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning- Residential carpet cleaning,
including stairs and hallways.
Upholstery Cleaning- Furniture upholstery-
Couches, Chairs, Rugs.
Carpet Spot Removal- Carpet odor and stain
solutions for high traffic areas. Pet Stains / Spills
Carpet Cleaning Service
Lake County, IL  
Dirty House?  Let us do the dirty work!  Enjoy your free time and leave the
cleaning to us.  Cinderella Custom Cleaning provides affordable residential
cleaning services for Lake County, IL   area.  We can make a custom
cleaning schedule to fit your needs and budget.  Depending on what you
need we can provide routine weekly maid services, monthly, or whenever
works for you.  We serve Lake County, IL Homeowners, Real Estate, and
Property Managers.  Call or fill out the Cleaning Request Form at the right for
your cleaning / maid service requests.   
Kitchen Cleaning
- Clean flooring
- Clean off cabinets
- Clean counter tops
- Clean sink and faucets
- Cleaning appliance exterior
- Cleaning microwave
Residential Home Cleaning - Lake County, IL
- Cleaning counters
- Sinks and faucets
- Cleaning & shower and tub
- Cleaning & sanitize toilet
- Shine mirrors and chrome
- Clean / Sanitize bath floor
- Dusting light fixtures
- Cleaning cabinet exteriors
- Spot cleaning walls
Bathroom Cleaning
House Cleaning / Maid Services
Lake County, IL  
Carpet Cleaning Services
Wall to wall, stairs and furniture
Kitchen Cleaning Services
Floors, Appliances, Counter tops, Cabinets
Window Washing Services
Interior Windows / Glass Doors
Bathroom Cleaning Services
Toilets, Bathtubs, Counters, Showers
Let us do the home chores you avoid.  Enjoy your
free time while we do the dirty work.  We can work
around your schedule and budget.  Schedule weekly
/ monthly or seasonal appointments.  Call today for
our competitive rates. 847-693-9231
Seasonal, Weekly or Monthly Maid Service
Lake County residential carpet, rug, and upholstery
cleaning. If your carpet got dirty from high foot traffic,
pets, or food stains we can get your carpet looking good  
and smelling fresh.
Residential Window Washing
Lake County, IL  
We clean of all kinds of windows, and doors.  We
can even clean the hard to reach ones.
Carpet Cleaning
- Routine Services
- Kitchens / Baths
- Carpet Vacuuming
- Window Cleaning
- Floor Cleaning
- Blinds Cleaning
- Dust furnishings in reach
- Remove cobwebs
- Baseboard Cleaning
- Party / Event Clean Up
- Empty Trash
- Residential Carpet Cleaning
- Carpet Spot Removal
- Carpet Odor Removal
- Upholstery Cleaning
Real Estate / Apartment Cleaning
Lake County, IL  
If you are a Real Estate Agent, Investor or Property Management
company we can help you get your properties cleaned up and
ready for future tenants.  We understand getting your property ready
to resell or rent is a top priority.  We can have your investment
cleaned and ready for the market.  We have complete apartment &
rental preparation services.  We can also make sure the hallways
and public areas of your properties stay clean for your tenants.  Call
today for our competitive property management cleaning rates.
Dirty House?
Residential House Cleaning / Maid Services
Serving- Lake County, IL  
Home Cleaning / Maid Services- Serving Lake County, IL
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Some Of Our Cleaning Services:  Kitchen & bathroom cleaning, carpet
vacuuming, sweep and mop floors, clean ceiling fans, light fixtures, switch
covers, cobweb removal, mini blinds, window sills, baseboards, exterior
cabinets, clean exterior appliances, dusting all reachable surfaces, remove
trash, vacuum couches and chairs, clean windows...... And Much More.
Deep Cleaning Services
Seasonal Cleaning
Spring Cleaning Services, Party Clean Up
Residential Maid Services
Routine- Weekly / Monthly / Seasonal
We offer complete house cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window washing.  If
you need to schedule routine cleaning services.  We start by deep cleaning
your home for the first couple sessions and maintain it from there with no
extra charge for the first initial deep cleanings.
Custom Cleaning
Patio & Glass - We can remove the smudges and
hand prints on all glass doors
Interior Window Cleaning - Enjoy clean
windows without having to do the work.