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Gages Lake, IL- Emergency Refrigeration Services
Whatever the problem is.  We can troubleshoot and identify whatever is
malfunctioning.  We can fix leaks, noise, and temperature related
problems.  We replace broken compressors, coil damage, thermostats,
defrosters, and much more.  Whatever the issue is we will find a solution.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
McHenry County, IL -   - Refrigeration Services
Commercial & residential refrigeration systems need regular maintenance
checks to ensure your equipment is running properly.  Make sure to have
condenser coils cleaned and have refrigerant levels checked
periodically.  Don't wait for a  costly breakdown.  Schedule to have your
refrigeration system inspected today.  Keep your appliances working
Refrigeration & Cooling Repair Professionals for McHenry County.  At
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc we provide friendly & honest HVAC/R
services.  Schedule an inspection for your refrigeration equipment to
prevent future breakdowns.  Seasonal maintenance can improve your
system's performance and extend the life of your equipment.  Have your
refrigeration equipment tuned up or update to more energy efficient
models.  Call for a free estimate for any refrigeration repair issues.  
Restaurant Equipment
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc
Refrigeration / Freezer Repair
Property Management / Commercial Services
HVAC Maintenance and Service Contracts
Providing quality service at an affordable prices.  We
work with business and property management
customers throughout the
McHenry County, IL area.  
Ask about our annual maintenance contracts.  Save on
HVAC/R maintenance expenses sign up for a plan

Maintenance contracts provide priority service and
discounts on labor.  Sign up for a plan that fits your
properties needs.  Stay up to date on important
seasonal maintenance checks.  Seasonal maintenance
on equipment is necessary for your HVAC/R equipment
to function properly.  Receive the most cost effective
maintenance services.  Start saving.  Sign up for a plan

Not satisfied with current refrigeration contractor? Pick
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc when you resign
your annual maintenance contracts.  We have
professional technicians ready to fix your HVAC repairs
24/7.  Call to get details on our maintenance plans.
Pick a plan right for you. 847-445-1622
Refrigeration / Freezer / Installation
Ice Maker Machine Repair -Regular Maintenance,
Check Equipment, Refrigerant Levels, Part
Replacement,  Frozen Beverage Machine Repair
Commercial Cooler Repair - Walk In Cooler
Repair & Installations. Leak Repair, Display Cases,  
Cooler Repair
Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc
1807 Grand Ave
Waukegan, IL 60085
Fridge / Freezer Repair Services - Leaking, Noise
Issues, Temperature Issues, Walk In Freezer repairs.  
Season Maintenance
McHenry County, IL  
Replacing old refrigeration systems with new higher
efficiency models can save money on home utility costs.  
Energy saving refrigeration equipment can cut energy
costs by up to one third.  If you have outdated HVAC
systems think about replacing them with new energy star
rated models.
We provide complete HVAC/R services for the McHenry County, IL area.
Commercial / Residential Cooling Systems:  Fridges, Coolers, Freezers, Ice
Makers, Appliance Repair & Refrigeration Installs.
Providing residential & commercial freezer / cooler
equipment repair & installations for the McHenry County
area.  Prevent food & product loss from refrigerator
breakdowns.  Keep refrigeration equipment running
properly.  Schedule an appointment to make sure your
equipment is running correctly.  Call to have your system
inspected and refrigerant levels are checked.
Soda Fountain Machine Repair -Commercial
beverage machine repair services.  
Maintenance Services
Providing honest refrigerator, freezer & appliance repair services for
Chicagoland.  We work with all the communities throughout McHenry
County, Illinois area
Restaurant Equipment Repair- Lake County
McHenry County's Pro Restaurant & Refrigeration Repair Services.  
At Emmanuel Heating & Cooling Inc we provide refrigeration &
commercial appliance repair for Chicagoland area.   We service
equipment for restaurants, cafeterias, & caterers keeping restaurant
equipment running the way it should.  Prevent food loss and
product damage from malfunctioning refrigeration equipment.  
Don't wait for an expensive breakdown to occur.  Schedule regular
maintenance avoid costly repairs.  We repair and install kitchen
appliances, walk in freezers, refrigerators, coolers and other
restaurant equipment. For Free Estimates- Call Today.
Serving - McHenry County
-Frozen Beverage Machines
-Soda Fountain Machines
-Retail Display Cases
Restaurant Equipment Maintenance
Install new efficient refrigeration equipment. Save
money on energy costs long term.  If you can't replace
your systems right now, schedule an appointment to
inspect and tune up the current refrigeration system.  
Call today to schedule maintenance for HVAC Systems.
Refrigeration / Freezer Repair Services -McHenry County, IL -  
All Major Brands & Models
-Deep Freezers
-Walk-in Coolers
-Kitchen Equipment
® Sub-Zero ® Kenmore KitchenAid ® Whirlpool Corporation ®
General Electric ® Maytag  ® Electrolux ® Samsung ® Amana ®
Bosch  ® Liebherr ® Frigidaire ® Haier ® ® Magic Chef ® AGA ®
Amica ® Hotpoint Thermador ® Walton ® Fisher ® Marvel ®
Northland ® White-Westinghouse ® Elite Lighting
McHenry County, IL  
All Major Brands & Models Serviced
Lake County's Trusted HVAC Repair Services
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